The collection comprises almost 650 works of music from the 19th to 20th centuries which were used by the convent for its services and in the education of the children who attended school there. It is particularly interesting for many manuscripts of original music written by Adrianus Franciscus Timmerman in the late 19th century and his connections to the Sint Baafs cathedral and seminary in Ghent. A large number of popular French and Belgian publications of religious and secular songs with piano accompaniment are also present. From the instrumental solos which are present we know that the sisters were also teaching piano, violin and mandolin to the students.

In the popular genre of the time, songs with piano accompaniment, we find a remarkable book of copied music where the sister has not only meticulously copied the music but the title pages as well.

Compaens, Antwerpen’s goede engel - Hand-drawn title pages from BV-10-5142         Moreau, Les vingt sous du bon dieu - Hand-drawn title pages from BV-10-5142         Jean d’Arc à Rouen - Hand-drawn title pages from BV-10-5142

                                             Bordèse, Charlotte Corday - Hand-drawn title pages from BV-10-5142          Ludovic, Morceau caractéristiques - Hand-drawn title pages from BV-10-5142 Uit BV-10-5142.

In this last example, we can compare the original title page to the copy in the Buggenhout collection.

                                              Autographed titlepage of Peter Benoit’s Myn Môederspraak dated 1897 (B-Bc P-2-1112)          Hand-drawn copy of the same title page in the Buggenhout collection (BV-10-5142)