History of the collection

The convent of Saint Vincentius a Paulo in Buggenhout was founded in 1854 and eventually incorporated a boarding school for girls and a technical school which taught lace making and sewing. Music was an important part of the life of the sisters as well as a tool in their teaching. There are several manuscripts of music written by former director Adrianus Timmerman, expressly for the use of the children of the school, including several musical theater pieces. Also included are original compositions for use during services and for commemorative occasions. It is interesting to note the mix of original works written in Flemish and French and sometimes both along with numerous patriotic songs.

Le loup et l’agneau, composed by Edward Mechelaere from Bruges, N° 34 from the ‘Repertoire des pensionats’, edited in Bruges. BV-10-5236.              Marche des pupilles belges, by Eugène Minet, edited in Brussels. BV-10-5382.               ‘Ne Wyvenpraat op straat’, or ‘Woman talk on the street’, satirical song by Charles Van Haver, edited in Ghent. BV-10-5250.