Importance of the collection

While the musical value of the works found in the Buggenhout collection may not be of great value to today’s performers, they do present a unique source for several aspects of research and performance. The sisters and the musicians engaged by for special occasions were capable musicians and the manuscript compositions show knowledge of the practices of the period especially in regards to vocal ornamentation. The true value of the collection lies in its testament to the musical life of an upper class boarding school. Belgium had numerous such institutions in the 19th century which attracted students from all over the world and they received a high level of music education. These practices have not yet been thoroughly researched and the music still remains unperformed.

Religious music is well represented in the monastery collection of Buggenhout. BV-10-2081.          The idea of music pedagogy is present in different works such as the theme of the gnomes for a piano piece. BV-10-5381.